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Healthcare Associates of Florida Promotes Relaxation and Balance Through Massage & Chiropractic. We also provide highly effective and safe relief from numerous symptoms that you may be experiencing.

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Dr. D’Amora also emphasizes the value of chiropractic and massage as preventative medicine and to treat various specific conditions to support overall body wellness regardless of age.

Everything from everyday aches and pains to more serious conditions can be alleviated through a chiropractor, says Dr. Robert D'Amora, clinic director at Healthcare Associates in Coral Springs, who has helped patients suffering from back and neck pain, sports and auto injury, whiplash and sciatica.

Dr. D'Amora started practicing in 1988. When he began practicing, there were only 28 chiropractors in the area. Today, he says, there are about 140. Competition is stiff and, yet, his practice is busy.

“Our focus is very much on the basics of treatment. Just because it is new doesn't mean it is better,” he says. “All the high tech equipment in the world is not going to replace proven “hands on” chiropractic techniques. Skills that have been developed over 20 years remain highly effective today. It is not the equipment that makes the difference – it is the know how of the doctor and staff. There is no button you can push and get better. It takes a certain amount of time to heal. Every person is different.”

Many people think chiropractors work only with neck or back injuries. While this is a prominent focus, Dr. D’Amora and Healthcare Associates focus on care of the whole body. Chiropractic and massage therapy can be very helpful for people suffering from headaches, trouble sleeping and general aches and pains.

The value of chiropractic treatment is not limited to adults. Because chiropractic is such a useful preventative strategy in healthcare, it can be particularly valuable for children and teens. Even children suffering from autism and ADHD can find benefits in chiropractic treatment since it is a natural approach to improving overall wellness. Dr. D’Amora’s children – Luca, 17 months; Sophia, age 3; and Isabella, age 4 are regulars at his office. He recommends chiropractic care for all ages.

Dr. D'Amora can help you solve issues with the neck and back, but also help with problems involving the stomach, knees, fingers, joints, as well as struggles with everything from headaches to menstrual issues.

The practice offers different types of massage to go hand-in hand with treatments and physical therapy. Massage is also available for walk-in clients.

Healthcare Associates works extensively with local professionals such as teachers, police, firefighters and hospital personal. Many of his clients are referrals from Broward Health and many other patients come in from word-of-mouth, including nurses and doctors. He offers special plans for certain professionals, such as firefighters and police officers.

Before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. D'Amora worked as a teacher not only teaching chiropractic, but also teaching K-12 science/ math, physical education and special education. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic, Chiropractic Certification in Spinal Trauma (CCST), as well as training in phlebotomy, and more. He is a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association, the International Chiropractic Association and the National Board of Chiropractic, and other distinctions.

Safe & Effective Pain Relief

Healthcare Associates of Florida, Inc. now provides a totally safe and highly effective product for the treatment of many conditions where painkillers and potentially dangerous products are often prescribed.

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Dr. Robert D'Amora, D.C.
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